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Are you hungry? No wonder, as fresh sea air is the best companion of good appetite. And we'll help to cope with it. What would you prefer?

Cucina del Capitano is a cosy place to take rest with the family. This is a folk-style restaurant, where you can order traditional Italian dishes. All the Carnival's captains are Italian, and this pleasant place is a reminder of their Motherland. Let's pay tribute to Italy at the captain's kitchen!

BlueIgauana Canteen. Are you afraid of lizards? You'll change your mind making friends with our blue iguana. Our blue iguana knows everything about Mexican cuisine — tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tortillas and salsa will become your favourites.

Steakhouse. You can't imagine good meal without meat? You are welcome! Toothsome steaks, great choice of trimmings, appetizers, and wine — nobody will live our steakhouse hungry. Ji Ji Asian Kitchen opens its door for the Eastern cuisine enthusiasts! The Eastern-style interior, exotic and traditional dishes, special Asian atmosphere — everyone will feel magnetic charm of this place.

Bonsai Sushi. Sure enough, you've eaten sushi before visiting this place, but you have never had something like this. Taste this sushi while sitting at the bonsai tree, and don't forget about soup, dessert and sake.

Fat Jimmy's C-Side BBQ. Do you like barbeque? You needn't forgo this pleasure on your cruise! Here you'll find delicious meat cooked on open fire, as well as potato and cabbage salads, baked beans and other tasty things.

Lido Marketplace as a buffet restaurant, one of the central points of the ship, where you can have casual dinner.

Would you like to taste all the dishes which are offered in the Carnival restaurants? Hurry up to the Taste Bar!

Or may we help you to a cup of coffee? Welcome to JavaBlue Cafe and Coffee Bar. And Pizzeria del Capitano offers you true Italian pizza at any time around the clock.

But there's more to come! You may choose you dine time yourself, order meals to your suit at any time of the day or night, visit chef's table, take kids' menu, fitness menu... Carnival gives you many opportunities to make your cruise tastier.

Bon appétit!

Bars and Clubs

Carnival bars are not just a place where you can have a drink and have a snack. It's a place where you can have a good drink, have a good snack and have a good talk. We have already taken care of it.

BlueIguana Tequila Bar. Yeah, blue iguana is an expert not only in Mexican food, but also in Mexican drinks. Beer, tequila, Margarita cocktail — this is Blue Iguana's treat!

RedFrog Pub — red frog is as hospitable as blue iguana. Oh, what a surprise! This is our signature private-label brew ThirstyFrog Red, which can be ordered in this pub only. It's the only beer named after an amphibian!

RedFrog Rum Bar. Red Frog is always full of surprises! Now it demonstrates its Caribbean accent: they will offer various Caribbean rum-based concoctions to you. And don't forget about ThirstyFrog Red beer!

Alchemy Bar is a place where they work miracles. Right in front of your eyes our mixologists will create magic cocktails, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Try to create your own composition of various ingredients!

Havana Bar. The atmosphere of genuine Cuba and good old Havana, Cuban coffee, daiquiri and mojito... Havana Bar is waiting for you at any time around the clock.

Sports Bar. Sports fans, you are welcome! Today you may shout for your favourite team and order your favourite drinks at the same place. Experience this special sporty atmosphere and nothing is impossible for you! And if you want more, you are welcome to another sports bar — EA SportsTM Bar.

Piano Bar. Do you like music? Good music only? Hurry up to Piano Bar! Only good music played by a virtuoso of the piano on your request!

Library Bar is opened for those who are inspired by literature but not by the wine list only! A quiet conversation, an interesting book, a board game, and favourite drinks — you have all the necessary things to relax and have rest.

Nightclub is for you if you like dances late into the night, hot music, and DJ's jokes. And our themed nights will blow your mind!

You will never feel bored at our bars: live music, special atmosphere, great choice of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. And our desire to offer you just what you want is genuine.


Spa and Fitness

Who says that cruises are the time only for eating and sleeping? You holidays may be spent healthier! Carnival has proven that cruises, sports, and personal care can be combined!

SportSquare. It is opened for those bravehearts, whose aim is the sky. Clime a rope to the top of the ship, feel free and breathe clear ocean air in. Basketball, football, volleyball and mini-golf fields, foosball and ping-pong, exercise bikes, punching bags, weight lifting equipment are at your disposal. And there are no more excuses of your laziness.

Yoga and Pilates. It's a great chance to return from your cruise with the perfect body and with the placidity in your heart. Grace, plasticity, and inward peace are the results of these classes under the supervision of our high-skilled instructors.

Fitness Center. There is always room for perfection, but in this case you can try to achieve it. Here you can find everything necessary for those who struggle for a sound mind in a sound body.

Jogging Track. Do you prefer to jog early in the morning or in the evening? Our jogging track is open for you at any time around the clock. And if you are not keen on jogging, it can be a perfect place for your evening saunters.

Spa. It's high time to relax and to feel the magic of spa. Become utterly absorbed in the state of beauty and self-contemplation with the help of aromatherapy, hot stone massages or full-body wraps. Forget about time, get comfortable, close your eyes and relax.

Cloud 9 Spa is a place where you can feel like a goddess. All the spa procedures are at hand!

Serenity Adult Retreat. We love our children, but it is impossible to relax with them. This recreation place is designed for adults only. Have a little rest during your vacation!

Beauty Salon. You need to be especially beautiful during your vacation! Hair cut and styling, manicure and pedicure — admiration and attention of the opposite sex is so pleasant.

Men's services. Who says that only women should be attractive and take care of themselves? Dear men, you also should! Haircuts, hairstyling, shaves, manicures, pedicures, and facials — you'll meet every situation head on.

In daily routine we often haven't enough time for ourselves. Vacation is a chance to find the time. Carnival's cruises will provide you with these opportunities to the full.

Feel fit and be beautiful!

Carnival Entertainments and Activities

You have started your cruise to enjoy every minute of it. And our purpose is to help you with it. Let's go!

Atrium. Atrium is a heart of any Carnival ship. At any time of the day or night you may have your question answered at the guest services, order excursions at the shore excursion desk, listen to the music and even watch what is happening in the bar and at the dance floor.

Comedy Club is an entertainment for those who like to have a good laugh. Hasbro, The Game Show is intended to meet the requests of those who like to spend their time with their families and friends. Great choice of everyday shows will keep you amused.

Carnival Waterworks are so funny and noisy! Have a race at the Twister Waterslide and Speedway Splash waterslide, try DrainPipe or PowerDrencher. Water splashes, cheerful shouts and speed are the main attributes of the Carnival waterworks!

Children's activities. You children also want to take pleasure! Camp Carnival is intended to keep them amused. Circle "C" programme is meant for older kids, while Club O2 is open for teen-agers. The kids will not be bored!

Seaside Theater is opened for screen fans! Huge outdoor screen will demonstrate you the block-busters, news, musical programs and sports events. And those who want to experience the movie to the full, are welcome to the Thrill Theater, where they can watch 3D films.

Video arcade — you can play different video games at the Carnival ships! You can discover various games for different ages. And those, who want to play "games for adults", are welcome to our casino. Place your bets!

Art Gallery. Our gallery is a unique opportunity for the connoisseurs of art. You may enter a beautiful world of Peter Max's or Romero Britto's masterpieces. Or see the masterpieces of other modern artists. And don't miss a chance to amass your own collection of paintings with our auctions!

Shopping. Oh, shopaholics got to their paradise! Presents for your friends, pleasant souvenirs, useful things, favourite drinks — everything you wish. Don't miss special sales in our shops!

It is impossible to tell about everything Carnival provided at its ships for your convenience and pleasure. That's why it is easier to start for your cruise and see everything with your own eyes.